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Our Services -  Drug and Alcohol Screening, Covid-19 and Flu Screening, and More...

Individual COVID-19 and Flu Screening Services:

  • We ONLY offer "in-person" COVID-19, Flu and Antibody testing at our clinic located in Apopka, Florida by appointment only. 
  • We offer both Antigen and PCR testing at our clinic.
  • We can also verify a Home COVID-19 Antigen test over an online Zoom call.
  • In either case, you will receive a letter by email detailing your test results.

Corporate COVID-19 and Flu Screening Services:

  • We can travel to your Company, Educational Institution, or Conference to perform "on-site" testing of employees, students and staff, conference attendees, etc.
  • We offer both Antigen and PCR testing for on-sites.

WSI is your complete solution for Drug/Alcohol Testing and Physicals. 

We also offer drug testing at over 20,000 national sites as well as clinical laboratory screening to keep you and/or your workplace healthy and productive.  You can call us at 800-338-5515 or  to schedule any service or request more information. 

There are still many misconceptions among employers about substance abuse in the workplace.  Employers can no longer ignore who is using drugs and alcohol.   When employers need to ensure safety and security, Workplace Screening Intelligence is the one company you can trust.  Our service and years of experience ensure accurate results in a timely manner so the employer can make better informed decisions about your employees and  the safety and security of your workplace.  

Workplace Screening Intelligence offers DOT and Non DOT testing.  Our drug testing services use the latest technology available to identify illicit substances in employees.  Multiple collection sites nationwide are a part of our network.  We can also arrange for onsite testing, which is especially productive for random testing or mass hiring.  Our medical review officers can validate the test results and we also give you support for company policy development on drug testing.

There are many reasons to use Workplace Screening Intelligence:

  • Compliance with state and federal regulations 
  • Reduce accidents in the workplace
  • Improve your team's productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism  and employee turnover which affects your bottom line
  • Provide a safer and more secure work environment
  • Quicker hiring decisions 
  • Mitigate risk test